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·        Fingers & Forks is a registered business name in Queensland and currently only servicing the Northern NSW (Coastal) and greater Brisbane area.

·        The use of this website and products and services purchased are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. By using this website, you agree that Fingers & Forks may at any time, at its sole discretion, amend, vary or modify these Terms and Conditions. Subsequent use of our website constitutes the acceptance of modified Terms and Conditions.

·        Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before registering or placing an order with Fingers & Forks. By using this website, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions.

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·        Products remain the property of Fingers & Forks until goods are paid for in full.

Product Information and Pricing
Fingers & Forks aims to ensure the information on goods and delivery provided is accurate, complete and error free. This includes but is not limited to product descriptions and pricing information. As such Fingers & Forks accepts no responsibility for the damages caused for information that is not accurate, complete or up to date., From time to time information on the Fingers & Forks website (including but not limited to product descriptions and pricing information) may change without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to check product information thoroughly in order to identify changes or variations.

 Ingredients Information
All the ingredients used in the manufacture of all Fingers & Forks products are of the highest quality to guarantee products are where possible organic and always fresh. Nuts, sesame seeds, eggs and egg products, milk products may be used in the production of Fingers & Forks products. It is the customers’ responsibility to contact Fingers & Forks if unsure of ingredients for each chosen product to avoid any possible allergies or reactions from Fingers & Forks product consumption. All Fingers & Forks products are freshly produced daily, and not frozen at any time during their production or delivery.

Acceptance and Signing of Delivery
It is the responsibility of Fingers & Forks customers to ensure an authorized recipient is present to accept the delivery of Fingers & Forks products. If the customer is not at the agreed delivery premises during the agreed specified time, the courier will return the goods to Fingers & Forks and no refund will be provided to the customer. Anyone on site at the specified delivery address who signs and receives goods will be taken to have authorization to receive the goods. All Fingers & Forks products will need to be sighted by customers prior to accepting and signing for the goods. Courier driver will show customer goods in order to confirm product quality and acceptance of delivery. Courier will then obtain customer signature confirming the acceptance of goods. Goods cannot be returned or claimed as damaged once receiver has signed and accepted delivery.

Courier/delivery terms
All efforts are made to ensure that the products arrive in perfect condition and as close as is possible to the required time as advised during time of booking. However due to unforeseen circumstances outside the control of Fingers & Forks and their delivery provider, we will not be held liable for deliveries that arrive outside the advertised time. Anyone on site at the delivery address who signs and receives goods will be taken to have authorization to receive the goods. It is the customer’s obligation to enter the correct delivery address and delivery date and approximate delivery time required at the time of order placement. Fingers & Forks online ordering system confirms delivery address and delivery date and time and as such will not be obliged to resend an order to the correct address as a result of customer errors or negligence.

Delivery / Order periods
Fingers & Forks offers delivery between 07:00 until 16:00 Monday to Friday and 09:30 – 11:30 Saturdays All Fingers & Forks orders need to be received by 12pm for next day delivery. Fingers & Forks does not deliver on Sundays or public holidays unless without prior consent. Deliveries on these days will attract a premium delivery

Payment Methods
Credit Cards
Fingers & Forks accepts most major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard. Fingers & Forks utilizes a secure server to ensure that your credit card details are safe and secure to make your online ordering experience safe and convenient. We use a 128bit SSL encryption to ensure security. If you feel uncomfortable paying for your goods and services online, we happily accept credit card details by e-mail or phone. All credit card payments are processed at time of order as opposed to the time of dispatch. Your credit card is charged via NAB in order to validate your order and payment prior to your goods being produced and to secure your courier delivery service. Forks & Forks will be displayed on your credit card statement.

Fingers & Forks also accepts payments via the PayPal network.

For any questions relating to the security of our website send us an email at hello@fingersandforks.com.au

Cash On Delivery
Cash on delivery is not available for Fingers & Forks products and services unless by prior arrangement directly. No cheques of any type accepted as a form of payment will be.

Returns policy
At Fingers & Forks we endeavor to provide quality products and services at all times. Fingers & Forks will accept product returns and provide a credit on the goods purchased in the following instances,

        Products are damaged in transport (minimal or slight imperfections are not considered to be product damage), this does not include damaged packaging.

        Products do not match or is not reasonably acceptable to the pre advertised products online at time of ordering.

        Legitimate product faults of which Fingers & Forks has been notified of within 24 hours of receipt. Products need to be kept in the same condition to demonstrate the product identified.

Product returns at time of delivery need to be immediately advised to our driver who will fill in a Credit Claim form. A Fingers & Forks customer service consultant will contact the customer within 48 hours relating to the credit and return of goods. Whilst every effort is made to deliver your goods as close to their original baked form as possible, from time to time minimal or slight imperfections during transportation may occur to the external surfaces of the products. This is no different to the imperfections that may occur when a product is picked up from a retail store and as such is not considered a product fault or reason for credit. Authorised customer returns will be provided with a Fingers & Forks voucher for your next order or refunded to the original credit card charged. Fingers & Forks will not accept returns in the following instances:

        Customer does not like the taste of the products.

        Customer has changed their mind and would like a alternate products once order has been confirmed.

        Customer has found cheaper alternatives.

Changes to Confirmed Orders
changes or amendments made by 12pm the prior day will be accepted and implemented. Order amendments need to be advised via e-mail at hello@fingersandforks.com.au. This includes changes to delivery address, delivery times, products ordered and special delivery instructions. Fingers & Forks will not address problems where you have been careless or unreasonable in your demands

Late Deliveries
Keeping in mind that all products are made to order and fresh not frozen, if your delivery does not arrive within the specified AM time frame we ask that the customer contacts Fingers & Forks of this late delivery by calling Kate on 0448 889 843. Fingers & Forks will confirm the current status and expected time of delivery. If this time is acceptable to the customer, the goods will be delivered to the customer. If the estimated arrival time is beyond the advised delivery time, the delivery charges will be refunded to the customer or credit provided. Fingers & Forks will not accept any liability for loss or damages arising from a later delivery and ensures that the necessary processes and actions are in place to minimize late deliveries. Cancellations No cancellations will be accepted after 2.00pm on the day prior to delivery.

notified prior to 2.00pm will attract a $15 administration fee. The balance of funds owed will be refunded to the original credit card. Care of Products Because Fingers & Forks products are all freshly made to order, our products are perishable in nature. This is particularly evident to all meats, chocolate’s, fresh creams and fresh produce used in the manufacture of products. Once products have been delivered it is the responsibility of the recipient to correctly refrigerate and store the goods received appropriately in accordance to the nature of the product which is below 5 degrees Celsius. Fingers & Forks accepts no responsibility for food stored in inappropriate conditions. See Care of Products information on our website.

Website Linking Policy
If for any reason you would like to establish a link to the Fingers & Forks website, written permission must first be requested from Fingers & Forks in order to link to another website. Please contact us at hello@fingersandforks.com.au Once approval is granted it remains the responsibility of the linking site to communicate to the end user that they will be moving to another website. Fingers & Forks takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or expense incurred as a result of information or products contained to any site that links to Fingers & Forks.

Privacy Policy
At Fingers & Forks we are committed to respecting the rights given to you with respect to your personal information under the Privacy Act 1988. By using this website, you grant Fingers & Forks the right to use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Statement which is available on our site.

Data Security
Protecting your personal information is very important to Fingers & Forks. Every measure has been taken to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information as a result of the implementation of physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the personal information we collect from you online for business purposes. Fingers & Forks. operates secure servers in order to minimize the unauthorized use of such information. Fingers & Forks uses a 128bit SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption technology that securely passes transaction data to the Fingers & Forks gateway. This makes it almost impossible to decrypt your personal information and credit card details. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your credit card details are secure and confidential.

General rules for user name and passwords
It is your responsibility to ensure that your privacy is protected and as such you should ensure your Fingers & Forks username and password is kept in a safe place to avoid this information being used by unauthorized people. Fingers & Forks takes no responsibility for the losses or damages arising to Fingers & Forks customers for unauthorized use of your account.

By registering or purchasing online you become a Fingers & Forks customer and as such agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Fingers & Forks website. Fingers & Forks customers are encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions of our website use prior to registering to become a customer. Fingers & Forks memberships are currently only available to customers in the greater Brisbane and northern NSW areas which Fingers & Forks services (See Delivery Calculator for Serviceable area). Fingers & Forks reserves the right to not provide goods and terminate membership account, remove or edit content or cancel orders at our sole discretion at any time if Fingers & Forks determines that a customer has acted unlawfully. Customers will be notified in such an instance.

All materials on the Fingers & Forks website including but not limited to, product design, images and information is protected by Copyrights and other intellectual property rights that are owned and controlled by Fingers & Forks. Such information or products may not be republished, modified, copied, uploaded or transmitted in any way without prior written consent from Fingers & Forks.

Any party engaged in illegal activities involving the use of the Fingers & Forks website will be subject to civil and criminal prosecution. Although Finger & Forks makes every effort to minimize fraud from this website, it is not possible to guarantee or prevent any illegal or inappropriate use of this website, nor will we give notice of any illegal or inappropriate use of this website. It is illegal to place orders under a false name, with a fraudulently obtained credit card or without the consent of the card holder. Any person found to have placed a fraudulent order will have their details forwarded to the state authorities and face the possibility of legal action.